Crestwood Recovery Resilience Solutions (CRRS) is proud to provide an internationally recognized, nationally certified, and competency-based peer support training program.

We develop and deliver recovery, resilience, and wellness-oriented curricula and training programs to a wide audience of people who receive behavioral health services, as well as to the staff who serve them.

Peer Support

Peer Support Specialists work mutually with people in a positive and hopeful way that enables them to access their own power for their discovery and recovery journeys.

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“Taking this peer support course was like having heart surgery for healing some areas that I never knew needed it. Thank you with my whole heart!”

– Student L.C., Singapore

Maximize your recovery and resilience learning strategies.

Peer Support

How can a behavioral health organization and system optimize recovery, resilience, and wellness outcomes for the youth, adults, and families served?

Trainings and Products

CRRS offers numerous training opportunities and events every month. Take a look at some of our free complimentary courses and a description of some of our most popular trainings.

Peer Employment Learning Center (PELC)

Our PELC trains and prepares people with lived experience to become Peer Support Specialists. 

Peer Support Learning for the 21st Century

80 Hours [60 CES available upon request] A Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist Certification Training This course is for individuals who have a lived personal and/or family member recovery experience from mental illness, addiction, and/or trauma. The competency-based PSL course is highly engaging, interactive, skill-centered and, in many ways, provides for a life changing experience. This […]

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Recovery Practices for Leaders

16 Hours [11.5 CES available upon request] This 2-day fun, dynamic, and experiential course provides leaders with the principles and practices for creating and sustaining a recovery and resilient-oriented service environment. Participants will gain hands-on experience on how to use several recovery and resilient leadership tools and strategies for leading and coaching peer support specialists […]

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Recovery Practices for Organizations

8-hours This Workshop is highly fun, interactive, and skill based. The dynamic team and reflective exercises will cause employees to examine how they presently view recovery and resilience while inspiring them to step up their practices. One key objective is to help the whole organization get on board with recovery and resilience services. Participants will […]

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